My Story. My Truth


My Story. My Truth, is a true story on events that have unfolded in my life. Being an Indian girl, second generation born in the UK; I have had a traditional Indian upbringing however I was given up by my parents to my mother’s mother at the age of six months.

This book looks focusses on the relationship between my mother, grandmother and I. These women, who are mother and daughter are very much yin and yang. How each woman raised me differently really shaped who I am today.

Along with an ex-boyfriend, who was abusive mentally and physically, which led me into a suicidal depression.

As life took me along its journey, I have met many people – colleagues, friend’s parents, neighbours who have helped improve my life or made me make decisions which made my life better.

I have added a chapter at the end where I share my tips and steps for helping build a better life. More specifically how to achieve a healthier mind.